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Daniel 15 days ago
Hi I seem to only be able to see De-Listed properties, is this something being rectified?
sdude 2 months ago
I'm trying to look at the Melbourne AUS info. Any idea what's causing everything to be "DE-LISTED" ?
C Lam 2 months ago
Hi how often does your site get updated? Today is the 1 Feb 2019, but the last date seen is still showing 18 Jan 2019.
mat 7 months ago
The site has been down for many days
Stephanie Hodge 9 months ago
Hello Daftdrop, I have just rented a flat in Letterkenny but am seriously considering buying a house but don''t know the market. Are houses now a their lowest price or do you think that they will decline further?
Maddy 16 months ago
Well looks like price drop is back on? What a shame their missing a lot of key suburb locations in the Murraylands. No listings in Renmark, Berri or Barmera? Defeats the purpose really.
Maddy 16 months ago
Many friends of mine no longer use this site as it no longer works. I pop in every now and then to check but nothing has changed. I'm now deleting this site from my favorites.
looking 16 months ago
I agree sp, price drop section has been out of action for a while. Website is useless without it.
sp 16 months ago
This is an abandoned website.
S 16 months ago
Would be a great site if the "price drop" worked!!!!! Hasn't worked for ages.
ozzie 21 months ago
great site!

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