DaftDrop AU is a new Australian-targeted branch of DaftDrop, the non-profit commercial property price tracker, bringing you an unbiased and impartial view of the Australian property market, with the easiest & fastest price search engine online.

What does DaftDrop AU do?

DaftDrop AU is tracking over 1 million residential and commercial properties that were, or still are, for sale across Australia. DaftDrop AU provides an easy way to determine the market history of a property or area, and to gain insights into the overall property market throughout Australia

Why use this?

As a buyer, one of the main things you're interested in are price changes, right? Right. Knowing a property's history gives you, the buyer, a much better idea of the mindset of a seller, which is very valuable knowledge before entering negotiations.

For example, if a seller has dropped their prices several times in the last few months, you can be sure they're eager to sell. On the other hand, if a house has been on the market for years without much activity, it's less likely that the seller is clued in to the current market and their expectations may be unrealistic.

DaftDrop AU can:

  • Show price drops/increases, that are otherwise forgotton
  • Allows lightning fast and flexible sorting and searching
  • Show the real time on market
  • Show similar properties
  • Detect previous listings of the same property
  • Show unbiased, up-to-date trends via graphing
  • Automatically notify you of price changes in property you're interested in

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Estate Agents often:

  • Modify the ad's 'entered' date to make a property seem like it's fresh on the market
  • Or, re-create a whole knew ad, having the same effect
  • Increase price above actual expectation, just so an initial offer will be high
  • Change a price to Price On Application, because of lack of interest in an overpriced property

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